GOLD ETF$ (NSE Symbol : MAGOLDETF, BSE Code: 543781)

(An open-ended scheme replicating/tracking Domestic Price of Gold)
Details as on February 28, 2023
Type of Scheme Exchange Traded Fund- An open-ended scheme replicating/tracking Domestic Price of Gold
Investment Objective To generate returns that are in line with the performance of physical gold in domestic prices, subject to tracking error. The Scheme does not guarantee or assure any returns.
Fund Manager**
Mr. Ritesh Patel
(since February 20, 2023)
Allotment Date 20th February 2023
Benchmark Index Domestic Prices of Gold (INR)
Minimum Investment
On exchange In multiple of 1 units Directly with AMC In multiple of 1,10,000 units
Systematic Investment
Plan (SIP)
(Any Date SIP is available from 1st July, 2019)
Load Structure Entry load: NA
Exit load: NIL
Plans Available
Options Available 
The Scheme does not offer any Plans/Options for investment
Monthly Average AUM (₹ Cr.) as on February 28, 2023 3.80
Net AUM (₹ Cr.) 13.85
Monthly Avg. Expense Ratio (Including Statutory Levies) as on February 28, 2023 0.34%
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Portfolio Holdings % Allocation
Gold Total
TREPS / Reverse Repo
TREPS / Reverse Repo
Net Receivables / (Payables)
Cash & Other Receivables Total

₹ 55.5784 (Per Unit)

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BSE Code:543781
Bloomberg Code:MAGOLDETF IN Equity
Reuters Code: MIRA.NS

Augmont Enterprises Private Limited
Parshwa Prism Gems and Jewellery Limited
Raksha Bullion

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*
• Returns in-line with physical gold over medium to long-term, subject to tracking errors
• Investments in physical gold of 99.5% purity (fineness)

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if they are not clear about the suitability of the product.

Past Performance may or may not be sustained in future. Note : Since the scheme is in existence for less than 6 Month, as per SEBI regulation performance of the scheme has not been shown. The performance of other funds managed by the same fund manager is given in the respective page of the schemes