Mirae Asset Multi SIP

What is Multi SIP ?

It is a facility available on physical forms whereby the investor can choose to do SIPs in upto three Mirae Asset Mutual Fund schemes simultaneously.

Benefits of Multi SIP


Investors have many investment needs. For those needs, investors start SIPs in many different funds to provide for the future. Here, having to fill and complete multiple error-free forms, provide bank mandates and get valid documents can be a great inconvenience for the investor. Multi-SIP takes care of that. With Just one form and one set of paperwork, the investor can initiate multiple SIPs in one go.


Also, many investors make a combination of investments in different funds for a single investment goal. This is because it is the combined performance of these funds together which helps them fulfil their investment objectives. Here the Multi-SIP facility brings in SIPs from different funds together to help the investor maintain their investment plan and schedule. and that too without any additional operational hassle.


Multi SIP decreases paperwork for investors, increases investing convivence and allows for investment planning for multiple financial needs simultaneously.


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