Systematic Investment Plan

Goal SIP - A goal without
a plan is just a wish


Goal Systematic Investment Plan

We all have dreams and desires, but most of us do not plan our investments according to our goals. The investments are made with a single minded focus on maximizing returns. This often leads to investment mistakes, like trying to time the market. Goal Systematic Investment plan helps the investors to make SIP investments with an objective to meet a pre-assigned Goal like Child education, Marriage, home, retirement etc.

Plan for your Goals

The following are different types of goals. The below list is indicative and depends on life stage and ambitions of each individual.


1-3 Years

Foreign Vacation


3-5 years

Buying a car

Starting a business

Long Term

More than 5 years


Children’s Education

Children’s Marriage

How to Plan your Goals?

Before listing your goals, you need to prioritizing them so that you can plan important goals first. Also your goal should be SMART

For instance, "I wish to accumulate Rs. 25 lakh by 2025 to fund my kid's higher education", is an example of a SMART goal.

Also consider inflation, while computing the future value of your goals. Assuming the current cost of funding your daughter's education is Rs. 5 lakh. After five years, you would require Rs. 6.38 lakh, assuming an inflation rate of 5%.

Hence, you should work with your financial advisor to review your goals, say annually and update for any major life changes.

Benefits of Goal Systematic Investment Plan:

Goal based investing adds a direction to an investment. It is a well thought out and structured process where you know the purpose of why each rupee is being invested. The performance of Goal based Plans is measured by how successful are the investments in meeting an individual’s lifestyle and personal goals, discouraging investor’s short-term impulsive actions.

How does Goal Systematic Investment Plan Work?

An investor can specify the target value for his/her goal while making his investments. He can choose from any of the existing schemes of Mirae Asset Mutual Fund to invest his/her savings on a periodic basis, by way of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with intent to meet the defined goal. By starting your Goal SIP, you avoid the hassle of aiming for appropriate market timing, along with the added advantage of compounding and long term wealth creation.



Name of Scheme



Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund


Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund


Mirae Asset Great Consumer Fund


Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund


Mirae Asset Focused Fund


Mirae Asset Midcap Fund



Mirae Asset Equity Savings Fund


Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund



Mirae Asset Savings Fund


Mirae Asset Cash Management


Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund*


Mirae Asset Dynamic Bond Fund


Mirae Asset Short Term Fund



* Each installment in Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund will be locked in for 3 years

For the list of schemes which are eligible for this facility and other terms and conditions, please refer to the facility form.

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