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Midcap Funds seek long term growth opportunities for investors

Mid Cap Funds provide an able alternative for investors to derive benefit from mid cap stocks over the long term.

Large Cap Funds

Large Cap Funds are those that only invest in the top 100 listed companies, across sectors to acquire the benefits of diversification.

Focused Funds

Focused Funds, as the name suggests, concentrate only on high conviction quality stocks which have the potential to create wealth in the long term.


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What is Modified Duration?

Modified Duration expresses the sensitivity of the price of a bond to a change in interest rate. The price of a bond and interest rates have an inverse relationship, i.e. if the interest rates rise, the price of the bond would fall and vice versa. The modified duration explains the extent of rise or fall in bond price, given a change in interest rate.

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Market insights

Get market insights by professionals to decode the latest market trends. Get an outlook on the topics which might affect your portfolio.

Monthly Market Insight

Aug 2019

Debt Market Insight

Aug 2019

Indian IT sector

Indian IT sector

2019 Emerging Markets Outlook

Opportunities Beyond a Tumultuous Year

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