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Different types of mutual funds

There are different types of mutual funds in India depending on their structure, nature of investment, tax benefits, category of the scheme and investor goals etc.

How to use mutual funds for children’s education planning?

The cost of higher education in India has been growing in double digits (in percentage terms) over the last 20 years. The cost of 4 year engineering education (B.Tech/B.E) in the top Government institutes is around Rs 9 – 10 lakhs. In some of the top private institutes, cost of engineering education can be as high as Rs 15 – 20 lakhs. The cost of medical education is similar, if not a little higher. In the next 10 years, applying an inflation rate of 10%, the cost of engineering or medical education may be in Rs 25 – 45 lakhs. MBA from one of the top institutes will cost you around Rs 20 lakhs. 10 years from now, you should be prepared to fork out Rs 50 lakhs for your child’s MBA.

Exchange traded funds

While awareness about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is quite low in India, these funds are gaining traction amongst investors over the last few years. In the last 5 years, the mutual fund industry assets under management (AUM) in ETFs have grown at a CAGR of more than 100%. In the developed markets, ETFs and index funds are hugely popular with investors.


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What is Modified Duration?

Modified Duration expresses the sensitivity of the price of a bond to a change in interest rate. The price of a bond and interest rates have an inverse relationship, i.e. if the interest rates rise, the price of the bond would fall and vice versa. The modified duration explains the extent of rise or fall in bond price, given a change in interest rate.

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