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Invest in ELSS. Aim to prosper

ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Scheme is an open ended equity mutual fund that offers the dual-advantage of potential wealth creation and tax saving. These funds have a statutory lock-in

How to Invest in volatile market?

The last one month may have been scary for many investors especially those who are facing a full blown bear market for the first time. In the last one month, Nifty 50 has fallen 32% and is trading below 8000.

Debt Mutual Funds: An all-weather investment vehicle

The recent rise in domestic and global bond yields hasspooked investorsof debt funds - anincreasein yields leads to a fall in the value of traded bonds. thereby denting fund returns. However. as with any other asset class. debt instruments have their ups and downs; they closely track the interest rate movement.



Macaulay Duration

Macaulay Duration is among the key factors that helps in measure the risk of the fund, Just like the risk in equities can be measured through standard deviation, the risk in bonds can be measured through Macaulay duration. Macaulay Duration is the weighted average term until the present value of the bond's cash flows equals the amount paid for the bond. In simpler words, Macaulay duration is the time an investor would take to get back all his invested money in the bond by way of periodic interest as well as principal repayments.

Set a Goal & Plan your Investments

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ELSS – Tax Bachaya Kya?

Women And Investing

Systematic Investment Plan

Myth Busters

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