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Index Funds

Index Funds

An Exchange Traded Fund (Index Funds) is a fund that trades on an exchange, just like a stock and replicate the portfolio and performance of a publically available Index. Index Funds offer low expense investment solution.

YTM for Debt Index schemes

Scheme Name Annualised Portfolio YTM Macaulay Duration (in years)Residual Maturity (Average Maturity) (in years)As on (Date) DD-MM-YYYY
Mirae Asset Nifty SDL Jun 2027 Index Fund7.663.513.9320-03-2023
Mirae Asset CRISIL IBX Gilt Index - April 2033 Index Fund7.467.039.2620-03-2023
Mirae Asset Nifty AAA PSU Bond Plus SDL Apr 2026 50:50 Index Fund7.592.582.7920-03-2023

Note :

* In case of semi annual YTM (Yield to Maturity), it will be annualised .

*For detailed portfolio and scheme related information for the above schemes, please refer the respective scheme pages.*

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