Wall of Fame - December


R H Kothari,


I have not only created my brand name but also won the trust of hundreds of investors.


I shifted to Mumbai on 9th Oct. 2003 from Rajkot. This journey of 16 years has been a new journey, full of challenges and experience. I must say I have learned a lot. I started my life's new innings with almost zero. Neither did I ever see Borivali before in my life nor did I know anyone here.

But yes, today I am proud to say that I not only created my brand name but also won the trust of hundreds of investors. During these years, our interviews have appeared on TV, FM Radio and various Newspapers. Our SIP book is at 1 Cr + and SIP folios are 4200+ and we are regularly adding new investors in our SIP book.

We celebrated our first SIP DAY on 2nd April 2018 with a dream target of 501 SIPs to register in a single day. We had made communications with our prospective investors by way of phone calls, WhatsApp messages, E-mails and Investors awareness programs and requested them to support us to help achieve our target and in another way, their own Investment Planning. With the support of so many investors we logged in 541 new SIPs that day. At the time, it was the ever highest record of logging in 541 new SIPs in a single day by any IFA in Mumbai.

Up until November 2018, we were used to register new SIPs in physical forms so it was difficult and time consuming to fill all 541 forms. But from December 2018, we have improved in technology and switched our entire Mutual Fund transactions on BSE STAR MF Platform. By using this upgrade in technology, all transactions have become very easy and errors are rare. In the last ten months, we have seen the difference on how smooth it is to do all transactions on the BSE platform.

In April 2019, on the 1st Anniversary of our 1st SIP day, we again decided to break our own record of 541 SIPs in a single day. I gave a challenge to myself that if in physical form we could do 541 SIPs in a single day, why can’t we do 1000+ New SIPs in a single day as we now have the BSE platform to register new SIPs in a faster way. And in this way, we decided to celebrate one more SIP DAY, this time on 1st July 2019. This time we decided our new target of 1000+ new SIPs in a single day. And co-incidentally 1st July is also my birthday so I decided to give a birthday gift to myself in the form of establishing a new record of highest number of SIPs logged in a day in Mumbai.

To plan something and put it on an Excel spreadsheet is easy but in practicality, it took a lot of efforts with positive attitude. So again before coming back to new achievement story let us go into some background.

We are used to writing 20,000 post cards per month to people in Borivali, Kandivali and Dahisar areas for spreading awareness of Mutual Funds and the benefits of SIP. Also we are sending 5000 copies of our monthly newsletters to various investors. In the last five years, we have added numerous new investors in our client list just due to our post card communication. In the 21st century when almost all communications are via emails and whatsapp, a very old fashioned way of communication - the post card, still works.

We conduct investors awareness programs on regular intervals. We are most punctual when it comes to personal touch with each and every investor. We send Happy Birthday wishes to HNI, retail and all other investors. In this way, we develop personal relations with all age groups of investors. We also ask for new referrals from our existing clients.

Again, coming back to our second SIP DAY of 1st July 2019. As we had set a big target of 1000+ new SIPs in a single day, naturally we had to plan very early for perfect planning of our marketing strategy. We began communications before three months to our investors to inform about our planning of SIP DAY. From letters to emails to WhatsApp to calling to personal meetings to Investors Awareness Meetings….. we touched all areas of communications.

And with the blessings of God and support of hundreds of investors we achieved a new milestone of 1101 new SIPs logged in on our SIP DAY of 1st July 2019. We strongly believe that life runs on only one rule “You Believe, You Receive.” For any success story, the three most important words are Discipline, Dedication and Determination. There is no substitute for hard work. Even after 16 years of hard work, till date, I attend my office from Monday to Saturday, 9.30 AM to 7.30 PM and on Sunday 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM. We try our best to give the best of our expertise and services to our clients.

Since the last 16 years, we have operated from the same office location and with the same mobile number. As our office is in the heart of Borivali West's well known and most prestigious road L.T. Road, on the ground floor, our investors of all ages feel convenient to come to our office. We are always thankful to all our investors for putting their trust on us and only due to this we could accomplish all our achievements.

R H Kothari

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