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The Quiz for the months of February & March 2018 will be on Mirae Asset Short Term Fund (MASTF). The last date for participation in the Quiz is 28th February & 31st March respectively and the name of winner who gives all the correct answers (from a lucky draw) will be declared as winners. The winners will receive an exciting Gift Hamper from Mirae Asset Mutual Fund.

Q1. Mirae Asset Short Term Fund is a ……….type of Debt Fund?

Q2. Mirae Asset Short Term Fund can invest across which type of debt instruments?

Q3. What will be the range for Macaulay Duration for Mirae Asset Short Term Fund?

Q4. The benchmark for Mirae Asset Short Term Fund is?

Q5. What strategy will the fund manager use for managing the fund

For investment objective, risk factors and other details, please read the Scheme Information Document and Key Information Memorandum of Mirae Asset schemes.

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